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In 2021, the NGO ERB is celebrating 18 years of being in existence. All these years have permitted it to progressively accomplish its mission, which often takes place in an ever-changing social, economic and political environment. From its creation, the founders were aware of the challenges and purpose of Empowering Response Burundi is to provide answers to the poverty challenges of poor and often marginalized groups. The mission and vision have not shifted yet, but they are evolving to adapt to the changes through the innovative strategies to meet the challenges of today’s world. ERB, like other organizations, is facing a substantial reduction in financial resources due to the global economic crisis following the paralysis of the economy by the Covid 19 pandemic that has been raging since March 2020. Despite the challenging environment; ERB is resilient in the face of multifaceted changes at the global and national level. The passion and faith of ERB team members drives them to always create hope for women and youth affected by social, political and economic crises. The extension of its mission to the East African Community countries remains challenged by the spread of Covid 19 and the paralysis of the global economy. The idea of opening offices in Uganda and DRC is still on the minds of the leadership members of our organization. The Executive Direction would like to sincerely thank its funding partners; staff and board members for their praiseworthy work mingled with sacrifice in the advancement of its mission. Lin Muvandimwe, Executive Director


Empowering Response Burundi’s mission is to contribute to finding lasting solutions to the challenges of poverty in Burundi from the existing socio-economic potential.




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