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Our programs

Sustainable food security and Nutrition

We promote capacity building of rural producers and actors involved in agricultural and livestock production through access to quality inputs and new production techniques, rural entrepreneurship, agricultural processing while developing the agricultural value chain.

Environnement and climate change

It is oft-repeated that the climate change has an impact on the agricultural and livestock productivity, factors such as erosion, floods and drought affect negatively agricultural production. Thus, protecting the environment and addressing climate change impacts are prerequisites for the successful development of agriculture or food security.  

Entrepreneurship and financial inclusion

The vision of the program is to stimulate the empowerment and job creation of youth and women through innovative entrepreneurship and trades training.



20 Years
Experience Working



In 2023, the NGO ERB is celebrating 20 years of being in existence. All these years have permitted it to progressively accomplish its mission, which often takes place in an ever-changing social, economic and political environment.

From its creation, the founders were aware of the challenges and purpose of Empowering Response Burundi which consists of providing accurate response  to the poverty challenges, hunger and social injustice . The mission and vision have not shifted yet, but  both are evolving to adapt to the changes through the innovative strategies to meet the challenges of today’s world.

 ERB, like other organizations, is facing a substantial reduction in financial resources due to the global economic crisis. As a matter of fact, COVID pandemy followed by the War in Europe between Ukrain and Russia undermined the international aid.

Despite the challenge of fundraising ; ERB is resilient in the face of multifaceted changes at the global and national level. The passion and faith of ERB team members drives them to always create hope for women and youth affected by social, political and economic crises.

To extend its vision, in 2018, the Empowering Response EAC has been created and its headquaters is located in Kampala, UGANDA

The effective implementation of this extenging structure is  delayed  by the fundraising issues.  The idea of opening offices in Uganda and DRC is still on the minds of the leadership members of our organization. The Executive Direction would like to sincerely thank its funding partners; staff and board members for their praiseworthy work mingled with sacrifice in the advancement of its mission.

 Lin Muvandimwe, Executive Director

Entrepreneurship and financial inclusion

The program's mission is to build the capacity of youth and women in rural entrepreneurship, vocational training and access to credit with small loans for their economic promotion.

Environnment & Climate change

Climate change exacerbates soil erosion, land degradation, loss of biodiversity and soil infertility. Incidents of floods, droughts and deforestation are already becoming frequent in Burundi and all East Africa.

Values chains agricultural

In modern agriculture, value chains play a significant role in the production, distribution, and marketing of agricultural products. A value chain encompasses the set of activities required for a product to move from the producer to the end consumer.






Empowering Response Burundi is focusing on finding long-lasting solutions to the challenges of poverty, hunger, social injustice by helping poor, smallholders, and local community to strengthen their decision-making powers and become active actors of change.

Empower Response Burundi


We envision fair, sustainable rural economies where poor people, smallholders are free from the poverty, hunger, social injustice to dignified and transformed lives.

Empower Response Burundi


We attach particular importance to the values that should guide us as members of the organization and its staff.

Integrity:  We strive to be honest, fair, transparent, accountable for our efforts, and keep a high moral standard in our private and professional life.

  • Integrity: We strive to be honest, fair and  accountable for our efforts and keep  high moral standards in our private and professional life.
  • Excellence : We are committed to being excellent across our work. This value will be demonstrated through the professionalism, the desire to do better in an exceptional and exemplary manner.
  • Transparency: We are committed to promoting a culture of trust, stewardship of resources and financial management.
  • Teamwork : We are engrossed in good collaboration and team building to create healthy atmosphere of work. We endeavor to develop the sense of consensus and synergy in teamwork. We are ready to listen the judgments and critics addressed in constructive intention.
  • Respect : We recognize and acknowledge the equal dignity of all men and women. We treat others as we would like to treat. We value the diversity and cultures of people we serve.

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