GIZ project

Financial Inclusion in rural communities

Activities related to self-financing via Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA-Nawe Nuze) affect both men and women. The added value is that each man or woman, thanks to the profits from the activities initiated, can meet the needs of their households, which reduces to 70% the conflicts whose origin was essentially due to poverty.

To strengthen social cohesion in the community, we first introduced measures to minimize internal divisions. Thus, we formed 30 VSLA groups, each of which included men and women from different political parties.

Once a week, the members of each VSLA meet to save money, evaluate small innovative projects and grant credit to applicants. The members help each other and assist each other socially in life’s hardships thanks to contributions from the social fund regardless of ethnicity, gender, age group or religion; this has fostered social cohesion.

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