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A story of CEWUSI Janvier who is a member and president of Farmer Field School in his community

My name is CEWUSI Janvier member and also President of the CEP TWITEZIMBERE of KANAZI Hill. Previously the activities we practiced in our association were based on field work only until the PRO-ACT project came to support us. This project initiated us to develop the 3 pillars of the resilience fund including CEP, VSLA and CEC.

Through the CEP, we learned to cultivate by following modern cultivation techniques for food crops and market gardening. Today I will testify about my success story in relation to market gardening. As a PO member, through the supervision activities of the POs by the leaders of the NGO ERB, we have been sensitized on a balanced diet in our respective families by attaching great importance to vegetables in view of their nutritional richness with easy access through the hut gardens.

In 2017, we benefited from market gardening seeds from the FAO through the NGO ERB. I with my wife took the decision to take part of our field in the swamp to put the vegetable seedlings received from the germoir installed in the OP/CEP. An area of 1.5ares was sown with market gardening. At harvest time, we sold them at the markets of BUGENYUZI and GIHOGAZI which are close to our hill and I got a sum of 450 000fbu after 5 cycles of vegetable cultivation. Beside this sum, I added a sum of 50.000fbu from bean production to get a 500.000fbu heifer which in turn has already given birth to a first calf which I sold at a price of 395.000fbu.

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