An agriculture that is practiced in a protected and preserved environment can satisfy the needs of poor communities

Food security

ERB intervenes in food security through the following main actions:
-Structuring of producers and agricultural cooperatives, especially young people and women
-Capacity building of producers and cooperatives (management and governance, business plan, coaching for access to financing and markets)
-Organization of agricultural and animal shows and exhibitions of selected seeds for the benefit of vulnerable households for access to quality seeds -
Support for the development of agricultural value chains
-Support for the construction and rehabilitation of infrastructures for the conservation of crops; processing and marketing of agricultural products
-Support to progressive producers for the production of certified seeds (corn, rice, beans, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc.)


ERB intervenes in the reinforcement of the nutritional capacities of vulnerable households through the following main actions

  • Management of children suffering from malnutrition through the FARN approach (Learning and Nutritional Rehabilitation Home)
  • Support for the improvement of the nutritional status of malnourished women and children through the consumption of fortified food,
  • Capacity building of poor households in agricultural and animal production with high nutritional value (small livestock, Kitchen Gardens)