Governance and Social Cohesion

Governance and Social Cohesion

Vision of the program

We want a Burundi where the rights and duties of citizens are respected, where local leaders are accountable for their actions for local economic and social development for all.

Mission of program

ERB’s mission is to strengthen the capacities of communities in citizen participation, social cohesion of Burundians, local decentralized development under the emergence of responsible local leaders.

Approaches of program

The implementation of the Governance and Social Cohesion program uses many approaches in a complementary perspective:

  • Peace Clubs for social cohesion and community security
  • Citizen Vigilance for citizen participation in the collection and management of communal resources
  • DO NO HARM for conflict prevention and resolution
  • MARP: Accelerated Method of Participatory Research for community planning.
  • Abatangamuco to resolve conflicts related to Gender Based Violence

Main areas covered by the program

  1. Community and household security
  2. Promotion of citizens’ rights and duties
  3. Promotion of the values of the state of rights and rule of law
  4. Strengthening of social cohesion,
  5. Contribution to the reduction of gender-based violence,
  6. Economic empowerment of women and youth
  7. Strengthening the capacity of local leaders to be accountable
  8. Capacity building of the population for citizen participation
  9. Leadership training  and coaching
  10. Support in decentralization and communal planning