ERB is intervening in governance and social cohesion through the following main actions:
  • Capacity building of the population for citizen participation
  • Capacity building of local authorities in accountability and good management of financial resources and communal taxes
  • Supporting communes in increasing communal tax revenues
  • Support to communes in the implementation of communal plans
  • Training in community conflict prevention and the rule of law
  • Training on leadership, peaceful conflict resolution and gender-based violence (GBV)
  • Training of community leaders on the rights and duties of citizens
  • Creation and training of peace and security clubs in the local communities
  • Support in the elaboration of peace and security plans at the local communities and commune levels
  • Contribution to the reinforcement of peace and community security
  • Capacity building on social cohesion
  • Community and household security, human rights, gender-based violence, economic empowerment of women and young people

    Capacity-building of local authorities in financial governance and the accountability of elected officials