Today we cannot talk about the development of agriculture without worrying about environmental factors. Already, in analysis of strategic conanother text on development of the agricultural and livestock value chain in Burundi, we have just seen that climate change, factors such as erosion, floods and drought affect negatively agricultural production. Thus, protecting the environment and reducing strategic impacts are prerequisites for the successful development of agriculture or food security. In terms of challenges, Burundi is facing the Soil degradation, Landslides and floods, Hail, Drought in some regions of the country, Deforestation, Uncontrolled mining .

Over a decade, ERB has gained experience and strong expertise in:​

  • Agroforestry and forestry.
  • Installation of anti-erosion devices or watershed management
  • Rainwater conservation techniques
  • Protection and conservation of protected areas
  • Training and education of grassroots communities in adaptation to climate change