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Empowering Response Burundi


We envision fair, sustainable rural economies where poor people, smallholders are free from the poverty, hunger, social injustice to dignified and transformed lives.

Help is Our Goal

What Make Us Different

Our mission

Empowering Response Burundi is focusing on finding long-lasting solutions to the challenges of poverty, hunger, social injustice by helping poor, smallholders, and local community to strengthen their decision-making powers and become active actors of change.

Our strategic objectives

The organization's strategic objectives are four and are designed in complementarity and interconnectedness to underpin the vision of our organization in holistic approach 

  1. Providing sustainable agriculture& nutrition
  2. Providing community based-health care
  3. Preserving natural resources and mitigating the climate change
  4. Promoting entrepreneurship and financial inclusion
  5. Fostering the accountable governance and conflicts management

These strategic objectives are enhanced by the implementation of the cross-cutting activities covering: WASH, gender equity, Humanitarian emergency response and resilience


- Why these Strategic objectives are complementary ?

The main mission of striving against poverty, hunger and malnutrition cannot be achieved without applying the holistic approach in the implementation of the organization’s objectives.

  Our approach to the fighting against hunger and malnutrition begins with sustainable agriculture through the developpement of value chain and food security to smallholders.  

However, sustainable agriculture and food security is only possible if the environment is protected against climate change which affects agricultural productivity.

To achieve the agricultural productivity, the smallholders need to improve the nutritional health and planning family. As a matter of fact, the population explosion shall cause poverty in families and weaken mothers and childrens health. The providing the community based-health is the response to mothers, childrens’health issues.

 To ensure the alleviation of poverty and social injustice, we need to enhance the local governance, community participation, the figthing against the Sexual Violences Based Gender

Leardeship team

Meet Our Team


Our Principles and Values

We attach particular importance to the values that should guide us as members of the organization and its staff.


We strive to be honest, fair and  accountable for our efforts and keep  high moral standards in our private and professional life.


We are committed to being excellent across our work. This value will be demonstrated through the professionalism, the desire to do better in an exceptional and exemplary manner.


We are committed to promoting a culture of trust, stewardship of resources and financial management.


We are engrossed in good collaboration and team building to create healthy atmosphere of work. We endeavor to develop the sense of consensus and synergy in teamwork.  We are ready to listen the judgments and critics addressed in constructive intention.


We recognize and acknowledge the equal dignity of all men and women. We treat others as we would like to treat. We value the diversity and cultures of people we serve.

1. Build a capable, passionate and change -oriented staff

To achieve transformation change in local communities and underserved people, Empowering Response Burundi, along with its affiliates, must set up robust performance management practices and processes to recruit, develop, retain talented and competent employees. The code of Conduct is the stronghold of shaping the behaviors of implementing programs staff. All staff shall abide by the principles and core values of the Foundation to create an ethical organizational, culture- based upon integrity, competence, excellence and accountability. A wide range of trainings on building capacities shall be granted including quality management, leadership and governance of the organizations, innovative approaches, evaluation and monitoring of impacts of the projects. Motivational rewarding shall be set up to get motivated and passionate team that is fully committed to the mission of Empowering Response Netherlands and its affiliates.

2.Engage participation, self-responsiveness and self-empowerment of local communities and underserved people

Empowering Response Burundi and its affiliates engage local communities, underserved people including rural women and youth, indigenous people in participatory approach for all process of identification and definition of problems and possible solutions. The awareness of the challenges and ownership of the solutions shall be the desired results of participatory approach. We intend to make the beneficiaries of our actions the best and active actors of change for tackling multi- dimensional facets of poverty and social injustice.

The underserved people and communities shall become respondent and self-empowered. The facilitators-employees shall help them assess, prioritize and make strategic vision for self-development along with the action plan. The process of planning shall take into account the preoccupations of vulnerable and underserved people.

 The projects’ implementation strategy shall embrace, integrate the innovative and current approaches related to self-employment, community based-management and community self-empowerment. There is a wide array of approaches to name but a few: Participatory Research Methods,  the Farmer’s Field School (FFS) approach, the Resilience Fund approach, the Integrated Farm Plan approach (PIP), Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA), Community-Based Disaster Risks Management ( CBDRM), Citizen Watch for citizen participation.

3.Involve partnership and build tactful networkl

 Empowering Response Burundi, along with its affiliates, seek to have involvement of all stakeholders and partners through tactful and collaborative network to alleviate the poverty. As much as possible, our response to identified problems shall align with the national strategic policies on reduction of poverty and social injustice.  The implementation of our strategic plan and projects shall require the close collaboration and partnership with all stakeholders at all levels including: grassroots associations, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, local government, locally elected authorities, Governments, public and private sectors, National and International non-profit organizations. 

4.Build self and inclusive resilient communities and households

Today, negative effects of climate change impact lives and livelihoods of people. All strategies of poverty reduction shall integrate the resilience strategy aims to mitigate, adapt to and recover from shocks, stresses and social conflicts. Empowering Response Burundi, along with its affiliates, seek to  build resilient communities which are educated, equipped, empowered, engaged, to face and deal with shocks and stresses due to effects of climate change and man-made hazards. The resilience strategy shall reduce chronic vulnerability and facilitate inclusive growth. Empowering Response Burundi, along with its affiliates, shall streamline the resilience minds in rural and poor communities where undeserved and poorest people live. Households and local communities shall be empowered in adaptive capacity, disaster risk reduction, (DRR), Ecosystem Management and Restoration (EMR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA).

5.Strategize the lobby and advocacy to influence the transformational change

Poverty and social injustice result in unequal power relationships at all levels. All actions and initiatives to eradication of the extreme poverty shall be associated with tactful strategy of lobby and advocacy. Empowering Response Burundi and its affiliates shall engage with the partners, policy and decisions-makers at local, national and international levels to make lobby and advocacy for the betterment of underserved people and local communities.

In areas of interventions, we shall seek to influence policy and decision -makers, streamline active participation of all stakeholders so as to become catalysts change of conditions of underserved and poorest people.

 For efficacy ‘sake, the marginalized groups and other underserved people including rural youth and women shall be trained to become active actors in lobby and advocacy for the change of their fateful conditions. The project implementing team shall be trained on lobby and advocacy to advance and improve the conditions of target groups that benefit our interventions.

Empowering Response Burundi and its affiliate shall align the strategy of lobby and advocacy with the purpose and objects to tackle the roots of poverty and social injustice. In this perspective, we shall build influential relationships with decisions-makers and targeted-groups. The methods and tools used shall be adaptive to the context and cultural settings.  We shall appear as not a threat to policy and decision- making. Rather, we shall be seen as contributors to possible alternative solutions to the roots of poverty along with unequal powers and social injustice.

6.Enhance self-evaluation and monitoring, lessons learnt and success stories

Empowering Response Burundi and its affiliates shall commit to becoming  a better learning organization that share success stories and experiences, use innovation and learning to increase the quality and impacts of its interventions. Empowering Response Burundi and its affiliates need to set up a strong and rigorous system of evaluations based upon the tools and the standards of quality. The staff and senior managers shall benefit the training on design, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of programs.

A part from the usual evaluation and monitoring principles, Empowering Response Burundi shall set up system of monitoring and evaluation that involves the participation and feedback of the beneficiaries. This innovative approach shall enhance the voice of the beneficiaries affected and impacted by our interventions. As well, it improves the appropriateness of results and impacts of the evaluation. In view of the monitoring and self-evaluation, the lessons learnt and success stories shall be recorded from the testimonies of the beneficiaries. At this stage, the beneficiaries are already tweaking actors of change, able to disseminate the spillovers of projects’ impacts beyond their communities.  

7. Maintain and emphasize community ownership and sustainability

Empowering Response Burundi and its affiliates envision sustainable and long term impacts of its interventions. Country programs and project shall be implemented in identified areas for a long time along with the exit strategy. The endeavor shall stress on building capacities of the target groups whilst the carrying out of the programs. The empowerment for ownership of the beneficiaries shall be a core strategy of implementation of the programs and projects. This empowerment shall strengthen the responsibility and ownership by the beneficiaries.


Strategic advantange

Empoworing Response Burundi is pursuing a unique model for transformational change The model is built upon 7 interconnected steps. It is worth mentioning that we are flexible and open to embrace the innovation in carrying out our 7-Step Model.The implementation of our  programs shall be inspired and follow our 7-Step Model model which consists of the following steps:

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