Four programs, one mission

The main mission of fighting against poverty, hunger and malnutrition cannot be achieved without applying the holistic approach in the implementation of the organization’s objectives. This approach allows our organization to bring Sustainable Responses to the challenges of poor target groups of our actions. Our approach to the fighting against hunger and malnutrition begins with sustainable agriculture and to the chain strategy of agricultural and livestock value to producers organized in cooperatives.

Then, that sustainable agriculture is only possible if the environment is protected against climate change which affects agricultural productivity. Agricultural production in a protected environment assumes that the population is sufficiently sensitized on reproductive and nutritional health, to have good health and mastery of births, the fight against population explosion which can cause poverty in families and weaken mothers and childrens heath.

Next, we consider that sustainable agriculture can be a vector of fighting against poverty and hunger in poor households if local communities beneficiate production facilities, storage and disposal of agricultural products. This whole process should include local governance to assert the rights of communities, with a particular focus on disadvantaged groups in making of decisions that concern them (political decisions, economic and social). Local governance also involves citizen participation and the admissibility of local officials. This holistic approach of the vision implantation is complemented by participatory approach throughout the identification and project execution process.