Entrepreneurship and financial inclusion


The vision of the program is to stimulate the empowerment and job creation of youth and women through innovative entrepreneurship and trades training.


 The program’s mission is to build the capacity of youth and women in rural entrepreneurship, vocational training and access to credit with small loans for their economic promotion.

Specific objectives

  1. To strengthen the capacities in financial education through the constitution of Savings and Credit Groups
  2. To facilitate access to low interest rate credit for agricultural producers and young entrepreneurs through the creation of a micro-finance system
  3. To create reference centers for learning in entrepreneurship and professional trades of experimentation
  4. Create and support agricultural cooperatives of young people and women

Strategic axes of the program

ERB implements this program through the following strategic axes:

  • Support and creation of associations and pre-cooperatives of young people and women with entrepreneurial vocation for agricultural development and food security. Agricultural entrepreneurship for Burundian youth and women implies the creation of jobs through which producers are supported in all phases of development of the agricultural and animal chain. Young agronomists or economists are recruited and trained to accompany the producers.
  • Professional training of young women and men in the trades. ERB initiates vocational training activities on sewing, mechanics, beekeeping, fruit processing into commercial juice, welding for the benefit of young people and women in the provinces of Cibitoke and Bubanza
  • Financial inclusion in rural areas through the community savings and credit system, which is based on contributions from members of a Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA). ERB wants to create a micro finance to support young entrepreneurs who invest in agricultural production and transformation, trades such as sewing, mechanics, beekeeping, hotel and restaurant, ITC